October 2, 2023 · October 3, 2023

Second meeting of CHESSMEN in Rome - Highlights

Highlighting its primary mission to improve coordination for the identification, management, and prevention of medicine shortages, CHESSMEN underscores the critical importance of sustained engagement. The recent gathering in Rome aimed to reinforce cooperation and foster teamwork within the Joint Action, directly addressing the pressing need for efficient and reliable shortage management procedures.

Significant developments from the meeting underscore the commitment and tireless efforts of the CHESSMEN Joint Action:

Discussions on amendments: Interaction was held regarding the possibility to submit an amendment in accordance with the current developments of the work-in-progress, emphasizing the determination for the initiative's success.

Upcoming Intermediate Meeting: The proactive stance of the CHESSMEN Joint Action was evident through the announcement of an intermediate meeting in Lisbon, scheduled for June 17-18, 2024. This forthcoming event promises to enhance collaboration and information exchange among participating stakeholders.

Increased Deliverable Evaluation: Proactive measures were taken to enhance the evaluation of deliverables across the differnt Work Packages, underscoring the commitment to achieving the CHESSMEN Joint Action's objectives while mantaining concise standards for deliverable quality.

Enhanced Collaboration with TFAAM: The forthcoming collaboration with the TFAAM  reinforces the CHESSMEN Joint Action's commitment to harness external expertise.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with all members demonstrating their unwavering commitment to continue the collaborative work, ensuring the success of the CHESSMEN Joint Action.

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