January 16, 2024

16th of January 2024: A Milestone Anniversary

The scarcity of medicines poses as a critical health threat of multifactorial nature which involves various stakeholders and impacts all countries through the EU.

CHESSMEN Joint Action stemmed from the need to provide a harmonized response to mitigate medicines shortages and contribute to the timely availability of medicinal products.

Over the past twelve months, predominantly focused on the project’s kick-off and submission of the first deliverables, the collaborative efforts of all members involved revealed the unwavering commitment to achieve CHESSMEN objectives.

CHESSMEN has reinforced its online presence through its official webpage and LinkedIn account, laying a strong foundation for effective communication and dissemination, as well as reaffirming the importance of reaching a wider audience. Stakeholders also play an important role, as their extensive pharmaceutical expertise arises as an opportunity for a collaborative engagement, assuring high-quality data and broadening the dissemination of the project’s outputs.

Significant progress has been achieved in the technical Work Packages resulting on the submission of the first deliverables. These include the submission of a list of key definitions related to shortages, the mapping of best practices in the monitoring, reporting and managing medicine shortages, conducting an in-depth analysis of IT solutions at both EU and national levels for shortage notification and monitoring, and performing an analysis of the existing preventive and mitigation measures done at national level.

CHESSMEN remains committed to achieving the established objectives. Currently, we are actively working on the development of the upcoming deliverables and preparing the intermediate meeting scheduled for the 17th and 18th of June 2024.

At this pivotal milestone, CHESSMEN vision for the future propels us forward. The upcoming months promise numerous important outcomes and events.

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